About Adam

Adam read English at university and wondered if he would ever be able to write a book rather than just read one. He dabbled with performing and even wrote a show but abandoned any dreams of creative glory to get a job instead.

The next thirty years were spent in an advertising career enjoying long lunches and learning everything there was to know about selling dog food, toilet paper and the small print on a mortgage ad.


Undeterred, he wanted to find out in his middle-age dotage if he could still write. Fortunately, the desire to produce something entertaining still burnt strong, even if he no longer knew how to hold a pen.


For the last few years, Adam has written essays and articles on the foibles of our working lives.  His first novel ‘The Curious Rise of Alex Lazarus’ was published in 2021 and ‘Chicken Wars’ is out in May 2023.


Married to a wonderful wife for thirty years, she is his business partner and most uncritical fan. His three children are less forgiving.

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Chicken Wars

Jack Fogel had always wanted to work in TV, not run the family business. He thought he’d escaped, until his father’s heart attack saddles him with Fogels Kosher Chickens, an operation built by his grandfather and mired in the past.


Years later, his wife is long gone, his two teenage daughters perpetually disappointed and his mother insistent he fund her expensive lifestyle. Even worse, he finds himself at war with business rival Lionel Gutterman, a former employee now prepared to use the most unethical tactics to exact revenge.


Lonely and miserable, he meets Sonia Lewis on a blind date. When she reveals she owns a vegan café, Jack panics and doesn’t quite tell the truth about what he does.


As their relationship blossoms, the lie becomes more difficult to sustain. With increasingly unpredictable attacks from Lionel, he faces personal and professional destruction unless he works out how the truth can save him.


Chicken Wars is a romantic comedy about the conflicts we must overcome to accept who we are. For Jack, the prize is love or poultry.


Can it be both?


Out May 18th

Here are some lovely quotes from people who have not been coerced in any way.

Essays and Musings

The Curious Rise of Alex Lazarus Book Cover


When restless advertising executive Alex Lazarus meets charming lawyer Julian Lloyd-Mason by chance whilst looking after their children in the park, they hatch a plan to launch a parenting website together. goes global and Alex suddenly finds the fame and fortune he always craved.


But the trappings of success come at a price. As his life begins to fall apart he realises too late that wanting more can sometimes get you less.

Can he save himself from his own ambition – before he loses everything?

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Politics, Football and the Deceased

adam leigh politics football and the deceased hbal

Politics, Football and the Deceased

adam leigh welcome to la la land hbal

Welcome to La La Land

adam leigh world cup hbal

Well at least we got to the World cup Semis